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Welcome to The InterAirPort -- my blog.

My blog is a nerd’s look at airport and inflight media and/or anything else that interests me that week. Lucky you.

Honestly, no bs, I love my job. I travel constantly, either for work or fun and when I do, I’m the guy that's running around trying to find all the advertising there is, taking pictures of it and commenting on it out loud to myself. So, I figured I’d start the blog, post my photos and comments here and look a little less crazy in public. I love advertising and am a huge believer in airport and in-flight which is why I focus on it - here in my blog and in my everyday work as CEO of InterAir Media. As our society develops and people watch TiVo instead of TV, read the news online instead of a newspaper, and listen to commercial free satellite radio instead of traditional radio, I believe that un-interrupted airport dwell time is going to be an advertiser’s jackpot.

Tell me this isn’t a great job.
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